Transcription of SAL royal seals: Field "Seal type" Missing?


Hi Daniel,

shouldn’t there be a “Seal type” field in the form? If not, where should we put this information?

Thank you for this new interesting project.

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Hi Denis,

Thank you so much for giving our new application a go. It is something I’ve also realised that the application could have done with, but for now if you could add this information in the ‘Date of Reign’ box - sometimes there is no date listed but only a seal type eg. ‘2nd seal’ - that would be helpful.

We’ll try to get a seal type box added for the next application ‘consorts’.

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& thanks for your reply, Lucy.

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Hi Lucy,

just wanted to let you know that no photo can be obtained for tasks 81691, 92, 93, 94 & 95. Neither next to the form, nor on Flickr.
81696 seems ok.

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Oops… seems to be a bit better now…
No worries, then!



I’ve added seal type to the latest 2 projects.


Hello Daniel,

thanks for your help (again).

There’s also something that you could do (and have done for an “old” project): making sure that striking the “Enter” key in the first 5 fields doesn’t act as the “Submit” button.
You’d get fewer incomplete transcriptions.

Thank you again.



I’d forgotten about that Denis!


Tee hee heee, Daniel!


Hi all,

here’s a nice video about it all (including a scanning demonstration). Enjoy.

Can’t wait for the other 9600 other cards!

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Hello @dejp3 !

Concerning this application, it seems like every task needs to be done 30 times. Isn’t that too much?