Technical issues on MicroPasts

Hello, I am a long time registered contributor to the MicroPasts Projects. There are several technical issues I wanted to relay.

For a long time, The Exploring Atchana: 1939 object card transcription has not been loading. I found a new listed project: Celtic Coin Index Digital 100. However, it is not listed where you would expect to find it and seems hidden where no one can see it. So far, it seems that I have been the only contributor. When I go on to my profile, on projects I have contributed to - I find the Celtic Coin Index Digital 100 listed there but no place else. My question, is this project still valid as it seems that it is in the wrong place?

Lastly, I have noticed that when I complete a task - it is no longer updated on my contributor profile. I only see it updated on the project page itself. There has been very little to no communication here in a long time, so it seems. But I hope to hear back from someone. Best regards,


Hi Michael

Thanks for the message and for mentioning this.
Sorry, that was a test project, and was not meant to be findable (congrats on spotting it!). Fortunately, the data that you entered can easily be added to the overall completed work, so many thanks indeed.
Several actual CCI projects are also now up (one in Featured and the rest a little less visible in British Prehistory).

Hope this clarifies and thanks again


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Hello Andy,

Thank you for the clarification. I thought I would mention that the Exploring Atchana: 1939 object card transcription project is currently not working. It is still not loading. I assume you are already aware of it.

Thanks for catching this.