Questions about Exploring Atchana Task

Am having some difficulty determining the correct way to transcribe these cards.

The tutorial does not seem to fully explain the sections, at least for the initial card. It is difficult to determine what, if anything on card falls under Field Context, Material, or Object Type. Dimensions are more obvious at least.
Some portions of the card appear to be in the original card writers handwriting and printing method (I.E. pencil) but are clearly different sections with uncertain connection to the sections listed for this task.

For example in the first task -

The number “1” at the top right, is this the Field Context? If so, the tutorial states “start with the field number” (in this case ATP/8) and then says continue from the top left corner, which would seem to indicate that the “1” on the linked card is an annotation rather than one of the listed sections.

The first line in the Card Transcript is “Mycenaean globular flask” Would that be the Object Type, or is Object Type a section with a separately listed entry that does not appear on this card?

For the “lvl-014”, “Photo.”, and “SL. 0. 10” listed on the card, these appear to be in the card writers handwriting and similar writing tool, does that mean these are not annotations?

Dear JeffO,

First - thanks for contributing to the project. I’m sorry to hear you have been having trouble - and thank you for letting me know. I’ll update the transcription instructions to make these things clearer.

Until these go live, however, here are the answers to your questions. I’m attaching a sample card with annotated comments, that hopefully will make it easier to identify the different types of information on the card.

In this instance ‘Type 291’ and ‘A’ are annotations (in a different colour/pen); the rest of the information is part of the original entry for the card. Generally, if its in a different colour, or handwriting, then it counts as an annotation.

The object number on the card you referenced is AT/8 1 (the last part of the number has been written on the line below; this is something random the person filling the cards out chose to do that year; in other field seasons, the numbers are a bit clearer). I’d suggest you write this in the field as AT/8/1 to make it clearer. I’ll need to update the tutorial to explain this feature of that particular set of field cards. To explain the numbers a bit, they represent the site code (Atchana = AT) the year (8 = 38) and a running number.

The material may be listed on the card as part of the object description, so you will need to see what terms are used there. In the case of pottery catalogue cards, the material is never listed (but you can deduce that it is pottery from the project title).

Object type is similarly given in the description. This will not always be obvious, but try and find a simple, ideally single-word term that is used for this (e.g.: Flask, as opposed to ‘Mycenaean flask’ in this instance.

The field context is usually in the lower right corner of the card (although it can be higher up on that side). This may refer to levels, or to squares (Sq.), or other types of deposits; it varies quite a bit.

Don’t worry too much if you aren’t sure what to put into the keyword fields. In some instances, the information needed may not be given on the card; and you can leave this blank if you don’t know what to put. Just make sure the card transcript field should include everything written on the card.

Let me know if you have any further questions, or run into any other problems,

Best wishes,


ATP:8:1 sample card and notes|690x401

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