Postcard Transcription


While I don’t anticipate being able to assist with cards written in languages other than English, I do look forward to more projects like this in English. I suspect it will be a popular type of project.


Hi Elaine,
There’s quite a lot of postcards in that series in English. If you look at the URL:

You can change the number on the end to move through the range.

If you have questions on content ask @SeonaidRogers on twitter.


Hi, I did just what you recommended, but it seems rather tiresome, plus I get several postcards again and again. Is there another way, maybe more systematic, to go through the cards?


Enjoying the translation. That said, I may have missed this but is there a way to rotate the postcards? That will make it much easier to translate.

Thank you kindly


@Jenahra try the new rotate button on the toolbar. @Eric399 I will have a think and ask around.


This is brilliant!! Thanks for the speedy reply



The rotate button is great! Only when I click on overlay to get a closer look, the postcard is shown as before. Maybe it is possible to keep the rotated card?