PDFs for transcribing won't show up


Our .pdfs for a project (Small Finds Cataloging Transcription) won’t display, I tried deleting the tasks and reuploading them but still no luck.

Any suggestions?



I think it might be that you are hosting them on dropbox…I get different behaviour in my browser from having pdfs there or having loading them from elsewhere (download from drobox, but show in browser from elsewwhere)…so perhaps delete the existing tasks and try from github?


Thanks for the response, I deleted the tasks off and was looking to reload them from github, but it doesn’t seem to be an option for importing tasks



Try this:

  1. Using this R script, save the CSV output - https://github.com/MicroPasts/MicroPasts-Scripts/blob/master/crowdSourcingAdmin/listGitFiles.R
  2. Create a google docs spreadsheet by uploading these file lists you just created.
  3. Publish the sheet as a csv file (file > publishing)
  4. Get the link for the CSV file and note this for later
  5. Go to http://crowdsourced.micropasts.org/project/{shortname}/tasks/import?type=gdocs (replace {shortname} with your project name
  6. Paste in your google docs csv fle link and press submit
    Data should import…