Input any radiocarbon dates: Delta is not explicity mentioned



in the report I got,“Le site de Sion-Tourbillon (SV)”
There is no explicit mention of Delta. Only a “probability” column that is expressed in %. The title of the chart is “Tableau des datations C14”

For example


Should I input these data in the dc13 COLUMN?

Also, there is no clear mention of material individually per site. Only for a few especific placesm and the material is ceramics, silex and others, what should I input under "material " ?

Thank you,


Hi Nadia

Nope, that probability is probably not referring to dC13 (and it is not critical for us to have the dC13 information, just bonus if it happens to be published alongside the date).
If it does not tell you clearly what the sample for a specific radiocarbon date is, then don’t worry just leave it blank. We don’t want information about other materials that might have been found in the same vicinity, only definite information on the radiocarbon sample itself.

Many thanks!