Financing Egyptology Project

Two quick QOL issues for the Financing Egyptology Project.

  1. The Tutorial listed is for an archaeobotanical project that has nothing to do with this project.

  2. It would be helpful to have a layout change. The way the current layout works, as the transcription table increases in entries, it pushes it down on the screen to the point where it becomes impossible to see both what you are entering and the scanned page at the same time.

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Thanks @JeffO … I’ll take a closer look and get back to you shortly…

I’ve added a short tutorial from a related project and will discuss with the project organisers how to take things further. Cheers for the feedback!

As for your second issue, what I do is reduce the window containing the scanned page and open a spreadsheet next to it, fill the spreadsheet & when finished, copy and paste it in the table. Works fine.

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Thanks for the suggestion Denis, that makes sense!

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