Bronze Age Index Context Cards: "Note to Stuart"


I have come across a number of Context Cards with typed notes addressed as : “Note to Stuart”. I’m not quite sure in which box, ie. Contents, Circumstances, Collection/History, etc . to transcribe them. At times the notes describe the contents of the site, other times they discuss atttempts by the author in trying to retrieve information. In other cases there are typed notes describing the circumstances of the find, which in many cases is similar to the handwriiten description. In these cases, I transcribe BOTH versions (handwrittien and typed). Anyway, I 'm just wondering if I am transcribing these notes correctly or if there is a space where such notes may be transcribed.


Tricky question… that’s a note meant for the former BM curator probably. I think it just has to be treated on a case by case basis … so put it in whatever box seems best for a given card. If no box seems relevant, mention it in transcribers comments…Thanks!

Best wishes


OK! Thanks! So if all else fails, I’ll just put these typed noted in the Transcribers Comments.