Bronze Age Index Cards - Incomplete transcriptions

Hi Andrew,
You may find in some of my transcriptions that they are incomplete or not even started; that’s because sometimes my clumsy fingers will hit the wrong key and the task will be whisked away as “transcribed” when I have in fact not transcribed it at all or its incomplete. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes and will endeavor to be more careful going forward.

I’ve had the same problem with this set. One of the issues seems to be, with the fields that do not support more than one line (NGR, Context Type, Site, Find Name), if you hit the Enter key accidentally, the project assumes you are hitting the entry key for submitting the transcription.

I don’t think this happens on all projects, which makes this especially confusing if there is a non standard entry or you have muscle memory from entering a field where hitting Enter/Return gives you a new line.


yes, this is a “classic” & very frustrating problem.

It was raised through an old project, & solved: Transcription of SAL royal seals: Field "Seal type" Missing?

Can you do something about it, @abevan ? Thank you!

All the best

Thanks all and sorry for the delay…I’ll take a look and try to come up with a solution in any future project of this kind!

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