British Museum Bronze Age Index Context Cards: no cards for the last tasks?


I’d like to finish the last cards of this project, but they’re not downloading.
All went well till task 85397, but I’m stuck with the following one: 91098. The image is not available.
When I try to see it on Flickr, I get " Page not found! We’re sorry, but we can’t find the page that you’re looking for."
The tasks in question are: 91098 to 91113.

Thank you @abevan!

All the best.

Hi @Profdenis
Thanks for this – I had a quick check and it looks like the best thing is just to ignore those. Several ways to do that, but just now I simply submitted each of those two tasks you mention with ‘Image missing’ in Transcriber’s Comments. Perhaps you can do the same and then they will be marked as complete?

Hi again, @abevan
I did that, until task 92035 came up with an “old card” image!
Same for the last 3 tasks.

I transcribed those in the relevant fields.


Thanks … I was concerned there might be some repeats at the end. Apologies!

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