British Museum Audio Outputs


I have been transcribing the British Museum Audio Outputs and have completed quite a number, and I just though about this: do I transcribe um’s, uh’s, er’s, and/or stutters and are heard in the outputs? I have been transcribing these and am wondering if it’s necessary/required.


I would say no, but if you think it adds to the transcript, then please do.


I did a few & didn’t. Not mentionning the possible stuttering!


Hi there. I have encountered another technical problem and this time with the British Museum Audio Outputs. I have been unable to do any further tasks at this stage as the page does not appear to load properly. There is no audio to play, so I am unable to transcribe and nor is there any submit button. I have encountered the problem on this task number:

I have tried to refresh the page and I have also restarted the computer but it has made no difference at all.
Regards, Michael


There is a submit button but I don’t really know what to do?


Hi Michael,
I think there’s no sound in that clip. Press submit?


I came here to ask this very question! I was adding them in as I felt like leaving them out was kind of editing which I didn’t feel I was supposed to do. Going forward, I’ll leave them out!


Hi there I have been keeping an ongoing record of the tasks I complete since I started the MicroPasts projects more then 2 years ago. I noticed that today there has been a deduction of completed tasks by me. I think I was originally up to 10027 completed tasks and then when I logged in again to do more tasks it was down to 10001. I have never noticed that before until now and I am just wondering if there has been some kind of technical glitch or something? I would be interested to know what has exactly happened? Any light on this would be much appreciated. Thank you.


@madams I haven’t deleted any tasks, which would be the normal way that the totals go down (for example image in the wrong folder). I wonder if Andy did? @JWexler have you?


Nope not sure what happened here, unless someone deleted a project (and they have not to my knowledge – will ask @chiara.bonacchi.5)


I reckon it’s because some of the tasks were deleted as there was nothing to transcribe on them, just silence, or applause.